Payroll & Compliance for International Remote Workers.

Everything you need to manage and be in compliance if you have international remote workers - Only for U.S. based companies.

Save 2% on your entire payroll by using RemoteHR
Integrates withand
We are in the business of saving you time (and money)


RemoteHR sends the right forms to the right employees so you don't have to. We securely store them away for when you need it.


RemoteRH collect payment information for every remote employees and integrates with Transferwise to send money across borders.

Rest Easy

In addition to Payroll and Compliance you can rest easy knowing that everything is a few click away when you need it.

We can handle employees working from Europe and Canada.

Soon to come: Brazil, Mexico, India, Japan.

Be less busy

Focus on your business rather than paperwork for only $9 per employee.

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